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I love all things TOP GUN! – Bill Walton – Hall of Famer 

I’m a big advocate and supporter of Top Gun Academy – They do things the right way and represent what’s right with youth basketball development. – Alan Stein – World Renowned Basketball Skill Specific Trainer – Clients have included Kevin Durant


Testimonial #1

This letter of reference has been written with input from both father and son (Dhru Patel – player and Mike Patel – father) as the experience of working with Coach John Egidio & Brian Hershman has been and still is greatly rewarding and beneficial to both player and family. Both John & Brian display a sincere caring attitude towards their players and a unique ability to communicate and motivate them. The way in which they train, motivate and teaches clearly produces exceptional results, regardless of a player’s individual temperament and personality. When you combine their ability to motivate and train with their highly advanced experience and understanding of the game of basketball, it becomes obvious that these Coaches are a true gift to players of all ages and levels.

Dhru began working with John & Brian four years ago and continued to train with them until his move to Scripps Ranch High School in June 2011. The results and benefits have been outstanding. Coaches still maintain close contact with Dhru by phone, continuing their role as a mentor. Dhru is now a Freshman / Junior Varsity point guard at Scripps ranch High School in San Diego and enjoys the motivation provided by Coach John & Brian. The benefits of Coaches trainings are numerous, such as; advanced understanding of the game, noting individual weaknesses while providing solutions and practice strategies, practical drill techniques and exceptional conditioning, to name only a few. From a parent’s standpoint, John & Brian truly offers themselves as an appropriate role model for your child, regardless of age, both in trainings as well as in game situations. They offer peace of mind to parents knowing your son (or daughter) has the influence and added direction provided by Coaches.

In addition to Dhru being trained and coached by you guys, Dhru’s younger sister, Virali (Now 10), wants to continues in his footsteps to enjoy what you guys provides at an even earlier age. Obviously, seeing the results of her older brother’s experience, it was a “no-brainer’ to take advantage of the same opportunity and you guys play a major role in Virali’s basketball world as well. Virali currently plays for Scripps Ranch Falcon Travel team in San Diego, California. The current top ranked Team in the program. Virali will attend Lady Jets Program in the near future. In a father’s opinion and if you’re serious, you must get your child with Coach John & Brian. You will fast take note of the benefits. In closing, we want to note that Coach John & Brian are two men of great character and integrity and, with pleasure, we highly recommend them. If you have taken the time to inquire about Coach John & Brian we hope this has been helpful. By working with them, we are confident you will realize the benefits and rewards that we have.

Kind regards;
Dhru (Point Guard Scripps Ranch Falcons) and Mike Patel (Father)


Testimonial #2

There is nothing my son is more passionate about than basketball…and he never would have made his High School team if it hadn’t been for Coach Brian Hershman – Stacy D


Testimonial #3

I just wanted to thank you for everything you are doing for these kids. I have never seen my son as high and as amped-up as he was after that tournament last night. He simply could not stop talking about it. It seemed like we talked about every play of every game, every call made by the officials, everything you and Coach John said to the players on the sideline, and on and on. When we were finished talking about all of that, he wanted to talk about the same things all over again.

At 10:30 last night, I finally said we both needed to go to bed. But he wanted to keep talking. He said he was amazed that before the championship game, his legs were hurting and his neck was hurting and he was really tired. But in the last few minutes of that game, with the championship on the line, he said that nothing hurt, and he wasn’t tired in the least. He was amazed that he felt so good physically that it seemed like it was the beginning of the first game of the tournament, not the end of the 6th game.

When I finally got him to go to bed, the last thing he said was that he really, truly wished he had four more games tomorrow! He may not feel that way when he wakes up (he’s still out cold), but last night he’d have gladly played basketball all night long.

know my son pretty well (obviously), but I’ve never seen anything like his state of mind last night. I’m pretty sure that this tournament was the best experience so far in his young life. Thought you might like to know…

John W


Testimonial #4

Brian is a terrific young coach. He has a great understanding of the game and what it takes for young people to succeed. His practices focus on all aspects of the game from individual skills to team concepts. He works the kids hard but it’s always with an upbeat, positive attitude. Brian won’t hesitate to correct a player if he isn’t doing something correctly, but it’s never in a mean way. His criticism is always aimed at getting the player to improve.

In the year that Jordan played on the 8th grade team I saw noticeable improvement in various aspects of his game. I believe he’s become more of a team player and has a much better understanding of what it takes to play in a complex offensive system. – Louis W


Testimonial #5

We now know that Coach Hershman is a proven winner. You displayed that many, many times during the course of different seasons. Fred E


Testimonial #6

My son and his teammates have grown so much over the course of the last 9 games and I couldn’t be more proud of him and his teammates.

They have an excellent coach in Brian Hershman. Thank you Brian for all that you are teaching him and his teammates. Your passion, experience, and love for the game and teaching it are very much appreciated.



Testimonial #7

“The coaching staff at Miramar was instrumental to my success and helped me move on to the next level. They have a great knowledge of the game and you can’t go wrong being taught by the Miramar staff.”

Former Alumni Pat Eveland – Named 6th man of the year (2010) in Big West Conference at University of Pacific.


Testimonial # 8

The Top Gun Summer Basketball Camps are a tremendous experience for all age levels.  The Top Gun Coaches insure low camper-to-coach ratios that foster a better learning, and safer, environment.  Coaches are expeienced COLLEGE players, not current high school students.  The emphasis was always about having fun and teaching basketball fundamentals.  All of our daughters had a great time at the camp and I would highly recommend it to any 2nd-8th grader!  –Beth R.


Testimonial # 9

These guys are all college coaches, with excellent training facilities, and trainers.  Top Gun Basketball has a really nice atmosphere.  Best coaching staff in town, hands down.



Testimonial # 10

Coach Hershman has a keen eye for strengths and weaknesses as well as possessing the necessary skills to continue the development of any players game from youth basketball to the collegiate level.

Thomas Jacobs – Played at Cal State Northridge/Transfer to USD.


Testimonial #11

We have had coaches in the past who did not motivate our kids to want to participate in the sport any longer…that is not the case with Coach Brian Hershman. Our son wants to play basketball more than ever…and that is a testament to the coach. We never heard the coach belittle or berate his players and our son felt very comfortable with him as a coach.

Testimonial # 12

Cole is able to compete at the HS level due to his participation with you and the Top Gun Flight.  – MD

Testimonial #13

Good Morning Coaches…just wanted to say thank you for allowing my son’s to be part of the Top Gun/JETS family…he wore his Top Gun shirt for 8th promotion photos…he’s so proud…Frankie ended up winning the Presidential Award, Principals Honor Roll, 4.0 in Citizenship award, 4.0 award, and an award in advance Math, History and  Science for maintaining a 95% or higher all year…to top it off he was voted most athletic…very proud if him is an understatement…thanks for making an impact in his life…I am forever grateful. – JJ

Testimonial #14

Top Gun is more than a basketball program.  It is a program that extends beyond the court and into the classroom and into life.  Top Gun demonstrates that it values leadership not just on the court, but also in the classroom and in the real world.  I have heard many conversations given by the coaches that reflect this development of a well-rounded child and not just a well-rounded basketball player.

Brian brings a passion to the game that is innate.  It can’t be taught.  His ability to motivate the children and direct the children to successful execution of strategy is amazing.  Additionally, this team has great chemistry and great camaraderie.  I have thoroughly enjoyed having him coach my son this season.

– Chris Glenon

Testimonial # 15

Thank you for having the summer camp, I enjoy seeing the light in his eyes when he comes home each day brimming with excitement to show us what he learned while he regales us with the days events.