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Camp FAQ

How long is camp?
Summer Camp begins at 9 AM and ends at 4 PM. Each camp session is 4 days long (Monday-Thursday). There is no camp on Fridays. Our Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break camps are Monday and Tuesday only from 9 AM to 1 PM both days.
Does Top Gun provide lunch?
No. Each camper is responsible for bringing their own lunch to our summer camps. We will take a 30 minute break to eat lunch each day. There is no lunch break at our Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring break camps but we will take a short 15 minute snack break.
Do you offer extended camp hours?
No we do not. Camp drop off is from 8:30-9 AM each day. For Summer Camp, all campers must be picked up promptly at 4 PM. For Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring break camps, all campers must be picked up at 1 PM.
What is the location of the camp?
Each of our camps take place in different locations. For specific information about each camp, including location, please select the camp you are interested in from the Camps drop down menu.
Will my child be inside all day or will they play outside?
Most gyms we use have outdoor courts in addition to the indoor courts. We will utilize the indoor courts as much as possible, but your child will likely play outside for some portion of the camp. If you would like to send sun screen or outdoor shoes with your child that is recommended.
What does my child need to bring to camp?
The required items are shoes, athletic clothes (shorts, socks, shoes), water, and lunch (summer camps). We recommend sun screen be brought to camp as well as snacks should your child get hungry before or after lunch.
Is there a sibling discount?
Yes. To utilize our sibling discount, register both children at the same time and use the code: sibling25 at checkout to save.