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26 June 2017


 June 26, 2017
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The 2017 Top Gun San Diego Invitational was another competitive tournament. There were teams from California, Arizona, Washington, and Texas in attendance. Here is the recap from all the weekend’s excitement!

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9U Division

Team San Diego: 3-0

Bay City Select: 2-1

Coastal Premier: 1-2

Coastal Elite: 0-3

Runner Up: Bay City Select

Champions: Team San Diego

10U Division

Above Board Prep: 3-0

Legion of Hoops: 3-0

Gamepoint Inland Empire: 2-1

Bay City Select: 2-1

Coastal Elite 3rd: 2-1

And1 Black: 2-1

Bulldogs: 1-2

Coastal Elite 4th: 0-3

SD Dynasty: 0-3

Bay City Red: 0-3

Runner Up: Bulldogs

Champions: Above Board Prep

11U Gold Division

Southbay Show: 3-0

Loyalty Vegas Panthers: 3-0

SD Dynasty: 1-2

Divinity: 1-2

Bay City Select: 1-2

Legion of Hoops: 0-3

Runner Up: Loyalty Vegas Panthers

Champions: Southbay Show

11U Silver Division

Gamepoint Inland Empire: 3-0

WSJ Spartans: 3-0

Bay City Red: 2-1

HUSL Elite: 2-1

And1 Elite: 1-2

And1 Red: 1-2

Real Run: 0-3

Gamepoint Select: 0-3

Runner Up: Gamepoint Inland Empire

Champions: WSJ Spartans

12U Division

Legion of Hoops: 3-0

Bay City Select: 2-1

Gamepoint Elite: 2-1

ATD Athletics: 1-2

Bay City Red: 1-2

TNT: 0-3

Runner Up: Bay City Select

Champions: Legion of Hoops

13U Gold Division 

Eight Kingz: 3-0

El Paso Cougars Gray: 3-0

Seals: 2-1

619 Elite: 1-2

AZ Titans: 1-2

Bay City Select: 1-3

Golden Gate Ballaz: 0-3

Runner Up: El Paso Cougars Gray

Champions: Seals

13U Silver Division 

Gamepoint Elite: 3-0

Sundevils: 3-0

Legion of Hoops: 3-0

Young Americans: 3-0

SD Sharks: 2-1

LA Select: 2-1

PCH: 2-1

Real Run: 1-2

El Paso Cougars Purple: 1-2

Gamepoint Inland Empire: 1-2

Bay City Red: 0-3

OBD: 0-3

Team Dream: 0-3

CV Lakers: 0-3

Runner Up: Gamepoint Elite

Champions: Young Americans

14U Open Division

El Paso Blaze: 3-0

Real Run: 3-0

Bay City Select: 2-1

Lockup Select: 2-1

And1: 2-1

1 on 1 Elite: 1-2

Santa Rosa Bear Cubs: 1-3

Splash Money: 0-3

Seals: 0-3

Runner Up: Real Run

Champions: El Paso Blaze

14U Silver Division

Coastal Premier: 4-0

Bay City Red GN: 3-1

So Cal Aztecs Basketball: 2-2

SD Dynasty: 1-3

Bay City Red NC: 0-4

Runner Up: Bay City Red GN

Champions: Coastal Premier

15U Division

Team Chaos: 4-0

The Hive: 3-1

Smokee Panthers: 2-2

Monstarz: 1-3

Team Dream: 0-4

Runner Up: The Hive

Champions: Team Chaos

16U/17U Division 

Team Rampage Elite: 3-0

Team Rampage Silver: 3-0

Team Rampage 16U: 3-1

Lockup Select: 2-1

Team Rampage 16U Silver: 2-1

Tucson Bulls: 1-2

ATD Athletics: 0-3

SD Eagles: 0-3

Team Dream: 0-3

Runner Up: Team Rampage 16U

Champions: Lockup Select

6th/7th Grade Girls Division 

TNT: 3-0

Whatcom Alliance: 2-1

SoPac: 1-2

Coastal Elite: 0-3

Runner Up: Whatcom Alliance

Champions: TNT

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