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Top Gun Basketball League Official Rules

League Rules & Regulations



  • All games will consist of two 20 minute halves.


  • All games will be running clock unless game is within 12 points (12 points or less) in the final two minutes of the game. No first half stoppage.


  • Overtime periods will be one minute stop clock time and will continue for as many as necessary. 1 timeout per team in first overtime, no timeouts in remaining overtimes.




  • Teams are in bonus at 8 team fouls and will shoot 1 & 1’s for the remainder of the half and subsequent overtimes. There is no double bonus.


  • Individual players foul out if they receive 5 personal fouls


  • Teams that have a player foul out and only have 5 players, can keep the player in the game or choose to play with 4 players. Choosing to keep the player in the game will result in an immediate technical foul, and each subsequent foul on that player will also be a technical foul. The decision to keep the player in the game or remove him must be made at the time of the 5th personal foul and cannot be changed later in the game.




  • Each team receives three full timeouts per game and one additional timeout per overtime.


  • Unused timeouts do not carry into overtime periods.


  • 1 timeout may be used in the first overtime. 0 timeouts may be used in any overtimes thereafter.



Team Responsibilities

  • The home team is responsible for providing the game ball.


  • All boys’ divisions 4th Grade (10U) and up will use the full size 29.5 regulation. 9u the default ball is 28.5 Both coaches may agree to a use the smaller (or bigger) basketball size. If both coaches do not agree, the default basketball size will be used.


  • The home team must wear light colored uniform tops and the away team must wear dark colored uniform tops.


  • Only one coach can stand at a time per team and must stay in the designated coaching box.


  • You must have at least 4 players at the start of the game or that team will forfeit the game.




  • Game officials have the authority to eject players and coaches for poor sportsmanship at their discretion. All ejections are reviewed by the head referee and tournament director.


  • The game is not officially over until both teams and their respective coaches have left the court and their benches. Players, coaches and spectators are responsible for their post-game actions.


  • Coaches are responsible for controlling team spectators and fans. Referees and tournament officials have the authority to ask a player to leave for unsportsmanlike conduct. Teams can receive technical fouls for the actions of their coaches, players and spectators.


  • If a coach, player or spectator is ejected from the game, the tournament director

reserves the right to be able to suspend the ejected coach, player or spectator for one game. The suspended coach, player or spectator may not be allowed on the property for the game in which they are suspended.




  • All coaches must check-in at the door before their game. Only 2 coaches are allowed per team. A program director may take the place of an assistant coach with prior approval.


  • All players must be on the roster at the team certification before their first game. Players cannot be added after certification. If a player is going to miss the team’s first game, he still must be listed on the roster and certified with the proper paperwork.


  • If a player is seeking an age exception, a hard copy birth certificate must be present. To receive an age exception, a player must be a year younger than the division age as of September 1st.


  • All teams are required to have a copy of each player’s birth certificate as well as a photo ID with them for all games. If a challenge is filed, they will be required to provide the copies of both the birth certificate and ID to clear the player for play.


  • If proper documentation is not obtained before the game, the player in question will not be allowed to participate until he is cleared (with both the ID and birth certificate) by the Top Gun Staff.


  • A player must play in at least one of the first four games to be eligible to play the remainder of the season or in the playoffs. No players can be added to a team, even if they are on the original roster, if they do not play in any of the first four games.


  • If a team does not follow the certification process they may be removed without a refund.


  • Players are not allowed to play for multiple teams at the same grade / age level in the same division. Players may play for multiple teams as long as they are not in the same division at the same grade / age level. (Ex. A player may play in 6th grade A and 6th grade B, but not for two teams in 6th grade A)

*Abuse of this rule may result in player disqualification, forfeits, playoff disqualification, or     suspension/expulsion from the league.




  • An opposing head coach can submit a challenge of a player’s grade, or age exception,

with a $50.00 deposit, within ten minutes from the end of the game in question.


  • If a coach wins a challenge, their deposit will be returned. If a coach loses the challenge, Top Gun will keep their deposit.


  • Challenges coming from any party other than a head coach will not be taken into consideration.


Playoff Seeding/Tie Breakers:

  • In the event of a two-way tie, the tie will be determined by the head-to-head outcome between the teams.


  • In the event of a three-way (or more) tie, the tie will be determined by point differential with a maximum +/- of 15 points in any one game.


  • If point differential does not break the tie between any of the teams, the tie between the remaining teams only will be determined by least points allowed against teams involved in the tie only.


  • For any game that results in a forfeit, the score will be 15 – 0. The winning team receives a +15 and the losing team receives a -15.




  • All other rules, not specifically mentioned herein, will be in accordance with CIF high school basketball rules.