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Top Gun Afterburner Clinics

Top Gun Afterburners Clinics

The summer weekly clinic sessions will have the latest basketball technology to get your game to the next level in the quickest time possible.  Come back to your club or rec team and blow away the competition!

When you purchase this package for the summer season, you have access to 8 total clinics.  You can come to as many of the 8 as you want.    Imagine how much better you will get after 8 sessions.

You will follow our own curriculum we developed:

*There is no pay per session, you sign up for the whole package, and it is up to you to use as many as you want.


“Great program! Coach Ryan knows basketball! Our 11 yr old has learned valuable skills, positioning and how to drive hard to the basket. We definitely recommend Ryan’s clinic!”

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Wednesday’s 4-5:30 pm – Scripps Ranch Rec Center – DIRECTIONS

July 12, 19, 26

August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30


Head Trainer: Ryan Razooky

I (Brian Hershman) co-founder of Top Gun Basketball (7 Years Strong) have taken what I have learned the last 10 years doing basketball as a full time job, traveling the world talking to experts, watching the USA Basketball youth development teams, watching the best HS players in the country in various events, as well as watching high level College practices and synthesized this into a system that will make you a player that is coveted.

There is the possibility of this taking years off your learning curve.

Testimonial 2

My son, Somil (7th grader) who has been with Coach Brian and Top Gun Club for several years absolutely loves these afterburner clinics. He says he gets more out of these than even the usual practices. It’s a great workout while practicing the fundamentals of Basketball. He always looks forward to them. I highly recommend these clinics for any player who wants to get to the next level.

Testimonial 3

If your kid is ready to step their game up these afterburner sessions are for you. My son Eldin has attended every one of these sessions for 5 months now and the improvement in his basketball skills is tremendous. When we started Eldin couldn’t dream of making left-handed layup and forget about scoring in the game. Not only that he can now make every left-handed layup in the game and under pressure but has become a constant threat on the court. His speed, footwork, layup, jump shot, dribbling, post moves, aggressiveness, and above all confidence have jumped several levels over the last few months of these clinics. This, in turn, has made him want to practice more and harder.

The Top Gun coaches running the clinics are top notch. The drills are designed to get the best out of the kids, raise their skills gradually, and give them confidence. Coaches demand game speed for all drills but also work on shooting and dribbling mechanics. They preach hard work and practice and make sure that every kid has a positive experience coming out of each session. The kids are generally grouped by skill level for all drills so that the groups work at the optimal speed for every kid’s skill level. Your child will get to meet just about every Top Gun coach if they attend these sessions.

While Top Gun basketball practices emphasize team development the clinics emphasize individual’s skill and confidence development. As a parent who played basketball and has gone through many different basketball camps, clinics, and practices myself I can definitely say that these clinics rank at the very top in youth basketball development. And if you are concerned about cost, no way can you find any better value than these in the entire San Diego. Results you will see in your child will far surpass your expectations with the number of sessions you attend.

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Video Testimonial 1

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